3 Hours


If you’re like most typical volunteer coaches, you will get the kid’s attention for about 3 hours per week. That equates to 2 hours of practice and 1 game. So how do you make great players in 3 hours per week? You don’t. You introduce skills in simple, memorable lessons and then HOPE they practice some on their own. At the end of every practice, during your team talk, you should give the players some ‘homework’ to complete until the next practice.

An example: Repeat the new skill learned today at least twice before the next practice. Have the player review the rules of the game (simplified for younger players) with a parent. Do the warm-up exercises every day before school for a week. These ‘assignments’ could involve the family as well. For instance: Instead of watching TV for an hour, have the player teach the family your warm-up exercises. Take a family walk. Jog in place during every commercial of a TV show.

Encourage the players to request their parents take them to a serious game.

For younger players, present the ‘assignment’ on a note-card or flash card in simple words they can read. At the beginning of the next practice at your Team Talk, then see how many of them accomplished their goals. Questions about the rules and abilities will confirm their completion. And a reward of some kind, AFTER PRACTICE, can be very helpful in getting them to complete the assignment.