Our Mission

img_mission_insetToo often young people are told what not to do but not nearly as often are they given an alternative.

With that in mind, The Baseball Academy (TBA) ventures out and finds young boys and girls that are not actively involved, and we give them something to do. A team sport is a very useful mechanism to give young people a sense of self and of unity. From Baseball our intent is to get the young people involved with youth groups in their community and from there to continue their development through strong relationships that we have with the corporate world.

Baseball is the conduit that we have chosen to use to do this. Our two head coaches are both youth pastors for over a decade each and Mark Moore, the Head coach of TBA is the Coaching Commissioner for Western Province Baseball (21 clubs both junior and senior). Mark had the privilege of spending a month under Jack Stallings and Larry Bryant at Georgia Southern University back in 1984. He then spent 16 yrs in the Major League as a player and then a player coach, representing WP in the Nationals for over a decade. With this experience, TBA is able to assist young players achieve their potential in Baseball.

Over the last 12 years, the ministry component of TBA, Silver Lining Youth Ministries (SLYM) has been working developing youth groups throughout Cape Town and in some cases throughout South Africa. Mark was the Youth Chaplain for the CPSA for 3 yrs, (approximately 750,000 young people) throughout Southern Africa including Namibia, Malawi and Angola. It was during this time that he felt The Lord calling him to make a difference outside of the church as well. Eventually the opportunity arose to start TBA and TBA is now in its 4th season.

TBA has three teams competing in the local leagues and it is our intent to increase this to 10 teams by the start of next season. 5 Teams in Delft / Phillipi ( on the outskirts of Khayalitsha) and 1 team in Fishhoek fed from children in Oceanview. We built up a strong infrastructure in the Delft/Phillipi area and are involved in running feeding programmes there.

In order to achieve our mission, we are calling on community leaders, baseball players – young and old and most importantly our corporate sponsors, to help us realize our dream and make a difference in young children’s lives.

There are two ways that you can assist us.

Make a donation to The Academy.
Sponsor a child on a weekend Camp.

See our UCAN programme for more details.